Gasket Scraper

This handy tool makes removing gaskets and sealant as simple as one stroke.


Crank Gear Driver

This tool is a must have for driving the crank gear on Straight!


Extra Heavy Duty Sleeve Driver/Installer

One tool fits all bore szes. Made of heavy steel.


Roll Pin Punch Set

9 punches in a handy fabric case.  Covers most size pins, Use for solid or spring pins.


Universal Valve Lash Adjusting Tool

LSM "One Tool" is like having 16 valve lash adjusting tools.  Just snap on the appropriate standard 1/2" drive socket, insert the correct hex key, and you are good to go. 


Professional Push Rod Straightness Checker

Adjustable to check any length push rod with 5/8" or 3/8" cups.  Includes dial indicator.


Gauge Case for Longacre Gauges

For protecting  your valuable air gauges.

Case measures 10"x7.5"x2.5"


Intercomp Digital Air Pressure Gauge

Among the finest and most accurate tire pressure gauges on the market.  4 digit LCD Display, .01 to 100 PSI.  Comes in black carrying case.


Intercomp 15 PSI Tire Gauge

4" Gauge, Glow in the dark, Gauge encased in rubberized shock protector.


Magnum Longacre Tire Gauge

0-15 PSI, Includes Angle and Ball chucks, 17" hose with swivel, Double Gauge Mechanism maintains accuracy, 3 1/2" dial face, Dual air bleeds to hold pressure.  Comes in attractive, sturdy, silver colored case.


Longacre Tire Gauge 2"

LON52034, Standard 2" gauge, 0-15 Angle Fitting


Pro Digital Tire Gauge-Longacre

This gauge registers 0-60 PSI, Reads to .1 PSI. Dual Air Bleeds, Includes angle and ball chucks. Comes in attractive silver colored carrying case.


LSM On-head Valve Spring Tester

Adjustable on head valve spring pressure tester for various shaft style and stud mount roller rocker systems.  (For Chevy, Ford, and many applications.) This LSM tool comes equipped with a 0-600 lb liquid filled gauge.  The PC-100 features four course adjustment hole locations and includes fine adjustment shims which enale calibration to within .050" of rocker arm pivot length.  Includes set-up and adjustment guide.


Ratcheting Break Over Bar

34" over all length.  Padded grip handle.  Quick release for starter dogs or sockets.  $95.00


Wire Stripper & Cutter

A quality tool.  Self adjusting stripper from 10-22 GA.  $18.95


Wire Crimper

A quality Crimper at a reasonable price. Crimps wire from 10GA to 22GA.  $28.95


LSM Billet Aluminum Pit Wrench

Ultra strong and ultra light.  Has a handy belt hook.  AN -3 to -12. Has a handy dust tool on the end.  Substantially reduces jaw deflection under higher loads.



LSM Spring Tester

0-1000 lb valve spring pressure tester. Comes with one hex wrench.  


Pro Series Pushrod Checking Kit

This kit will check which push rod length you need in your engine.  This kit includes 8 pushrod length checkers (6.200"-14.000") with 5/16" ball ends, two 5/16" cups, two 3/8" cups and two valve checking springs.  It works with most all pushrod engines.


Portable Hose Crimping Tool

Make your own hoses in your garage or at the track!  For crimping hoses size 4-10.  #3 Crimping Die (for injector hoses) sold extra $45.99


Precision Digital Dial Bore Gauge

This precision gauge set will measure 2" to 6" bores.  Comes with a wooden case.  Standards included.  SPI.  Battery included.

shipping ups ground only


Valve Straightening Tool

Comes with one bushing 11/32 or 3/8 

extra bushings can be purchased $25.00 each.

Checks valve stem straightness and valve head run-out.


Pro Wrench Set

5 piece Pro Wrench Set. 7/16" thick, 6,8,10,12,16.  Double ended.


If you don't see it, we still might have it!

We can't show it all, so give us a call!

MSD Ratcheting Crimping Pliers


MSD part # 3505


12 Volt MSD Timing Light


MSD 8991


Heavy Duty 3/4" Billet C Clamp


Can use impact wrench with this clamp.  Large diameter Acme threaded shaft. Torrington Bearing.  Will remove both valves from one side of head. One of the strongest C-Clamps on the market today.  Makes changing springs or valves alot easier than using some cheap, flimsy flexing c-clamp. Made for abuse! 


Pneumatic Valve Lapping Tool


Excellent, speedy way to lap valves in head.  Comes in a handy carrying case with extra ends. This tool has not been available for a while, but is in stock and available now. 


Spring Removal Tool for Hemi or Fat Head


Comes with large and small hook. Head on application 



Cylinder Bore Gauge w/Case


Cylinder Flex Hone


4 5/8 size in stock


Lifter Bore Flex Hone


Cylinder Bore Brush


4 in 1 AN Wrench


#6,#8,#10, #12


Dial Indicator


Econo Dzus Button Wrench


Spring Tester Calibration Spring


4/5 Micrometer


Fat Head On Motor Spring Changer


Mounts on rocker stand studs.  Quality piece!  Can change intake and exhaust springs on same cylinder without relocating tool.  Makes changing valve springs an easy job.








Mini Valve Spring Pressure Tester


Use in vise


6" Precision Digital Caliper


Teflon Sizing Tool


1/4 "  Squeezes round teflon for easier installation.


Feeler Gauge Grip Package


Purchase 2 feeler gauge grips (intake and exhaust) and get a 32 piece feeler gauge set FREE.


Billet 2 Blade Feeler Gauge Grip, LSM


Comes in red or blue. Holds 2 blades.  Blades not included.  Use for hot or cold setting. LSM



Super Precision Micrometer Set 0-6


Steel Stamp Set, Letters 1/4"


Steel Stamp Set, Numbers 1/4"


Dial indicator magnetic base set


Dial  indicator magnetic base


Machinist V Blocks & Clamps


Depth Micrometer Set


Thread Restorer File


Snap Ring Plier Set


Piston Ring Expander


Flexible Magnet


Remote Starter Button


Centrifugal Cliutch Feeler Gauge Set


Set of 7 ea, .040 thru .070 clutch feeler gauges

Non slip Grip Handle 

May be purchased separately for $40.00 ea.


Universal Rod Guide Tool


Magnetic Deck checking Tool w/Indicator


Professional Hole Gauge


Hemi Rod Bolt Stretch Fixture


Crankshaft Socket


Won't fall off Crankbolt when turning


Crankshaft Socket for Degree Wheel Turning


Transfer Punch Set


Piston/Rod Push Tool


Spark Plug Hole Repair Tool, Time Sert


Spark plug repair kit.  Inserts sold separate 

thread size m14 x 1.25


Deluxe Valve Straightening Tool Kit, 11/32 or 3/8


This tool checks valve stem straightness and valve head run out.


Heavy Duty Main Cap Puller


Has 5/16 replaceable stud for hole in main cap. 3/8 is also available.

2.5 lbs tool



Deluxe Stud Installer & Extractor Set


Sizes include 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, and 7/16


Floater Measuring Fixture


For checking swelling floater.


Universal Rod Clamping Vise


Manually operated.


Cable Crimper


Used for fastening ends on copper cable


Easy Grip Dzus Wrench


Flywheel Stop


Pivots off dowel to lock motor.


Barrel Valve Air Adapter for #8


Cylinder Leakdown Extension Hose


Universal, 14mm


Piston Ring Squaring Tool


Any size bore.


Valve Lapping Stick


Everyone needs one of these.


Cam Degreeing Installation Fixture for 426 hemi


Crank Hub-Gear-Balancer Remover


This is a heat treated tool that is really tough.


Engine Sleeve Puller


Billet steel puller head.  Specify bore.  

Extra steel puller heads are available $125.00


Cam Checking Tool


.904 or 1" for Hemi Only


Digital Tire Gauge


Gauge will measure to 1/10 of a pound.


Hemi Oil Pump Priming Rod


Bushing on hex rod lessens wobble through the block bushing.


HD 11" Black Wire Ties (100)


Tin Dimpling Tool


Universal Spark Plug Gapping Tool


Comes with side strap spreader.  Can be clamped on a vise or mounted on a table.


Freeze Plug Installation Tool


Phillips Head Screw Starter


Economy Universal Crank Hub Remover


One Man Brake Bleeder Kit


Digital Torque Reader


1/2"Drive with adapters for 1/4 and 3/8 sockets.  You do not have to have a torque wrench when you have this digital torque adapter.  Use with any break over bar or 1/2" ratchet to take torque readings on any screw or bolt.  Measures in pounds or inch pounds.  A very useful and handy tool.  Comes in its own case.


Heat Gun


This heat gun has 2 heat settings: 572 degrees and 932 degrees F.  Very useful in paint stripping, pipe defrosting, bending plastic, or heat shrinking plastic.  Very handy item for tool box.


18MM Thread Adapter


For cylinder heads.  Adapts to 14 MM female thread.  Use with compression gauges and man other tools that need to be screwed into cylinder head.


14 MM Thread Adapter.


Has 14 MM thread.  Use with compression gauges and many other tools that need to be screwed into cylinder head.


Compression Gauge


Can be used on 14 MM thread or 18MM thread.  Incorporates a built in relief valve.  Very handy when trying to determine correct head gasket thickness for maximum compression.


LSM Torquing Valve Adjusting Wrench


1/2" nut set at 35 pound torque setting


MSD Mag timing ring & wrench


This 2 part billet aluminum tool is used to accurately adjust the MSD mag while the engine is running. The aluminum ring remains clamped to the mag and the removable handle makes the job easy.


Longacre Tire Gauge 2 1/2"

#Tire gauge

LON52033, 0-15 PSI, 2 1/2", Dual Bleed Deluxe


Valve Cover Inertia Wrench for 7/16 nuts


More compact with larger balls for more inertia.


T-Handle Speed Wrenches Spark Plug Wrench f/ Hemi 13/16


Tire Pressure Gauge, 4"


Liquid filled.

Very accurate.

Specify 0-60 or 0-15


T-Handle Speed Wrenches Spark Plug Wrench f/ Hemi 5/8


Height Micrometer


For setting valve spring height 1.800 to 2.700.


Bearing Micrometer


0-1.000, For checking bearing wear.


Poppet Tester


Everything you need to check #6 poppets, 8 poppets, and down nozzle pressure. This tool is a necessity for setting up fuel systems. 


Aluminum Wrench Set


Set of 8


Tapered Piston Ring Installer, thin wall


Specify bore size needed.


Jet Wrench with jet storage in handle


Holds 8 jets.  End has plug hex driver.

Available in red, or black.

Very handy tool.


The Original Full Bore Valve Adjusting Wrench


The Original!

#7022 9/16" wrench x 3/16 allen T-wrench

#7023 1/2"wrench x 3/16 allen T-wrench

#7024 5/8" wrench x 3/16 or 7/32" allen T-wrench

#7026 7/16" wrench x 3/16 allen T-wrench

1/8th inch T-wrench also available


Valve Spring Pressure Tool, for Fat Head Hemi


For use when head is on motor.


Valve Spring Pressure Tool for Regular Hemi or Veney


Works on regular hemi or Veney.


Cam checking Tool,Chevy


Dual Gauge Leak Down Tester


With this instrument, you can check cylinder leakage and your barrel valve.


Wrist Pin Checking Fixture


Valve Truing & Straightening Checker


Piston Ring Filer


T-Handle Variable Torque Spark Plug Wrench, 5/8


T-Handle Variable Torque Spark Plug Wrench, 13/16


Leakdown Tester Plate


For block or head up to 9/16 studs.


Professional Spark Plug Inspection Light, x10 power


Clutch Depth Measuring Tool


Simple Burst Panel Depth Gauge


Leak Down Extension


Use with Leak down tester.


T-Handle Torquing Lug Nut Wrench


Use any size socket.


Billet Burst Panel Depth Micrometer


Feeler Gauge Grip Handle


Red, Blue, or Black. Use your own feeler gauge blades.


Pick Set


Rifler File Assortment


Heavy Duty Tubing Benders


Centrifugal Clutch Feeler Gauge set


Set of 7, .040 thru .070 feeler gauge.

Set can be purchased with black billet (pictured) handles for $349.00

Billet feeler gauge can be bought for $50.00


9" Aluminum Billet Degree Wheel


16" Aluminum Billet Degree Wheel


18" Aluminum Degree Wheel


Peg Style Head Holders


Pneumatic Timer Adjusting Wrench Tool


Top Dead Center Stop--heads off


For use when head is NOT on motor.


Top Dead Center Stop--heads on


For use when head is on motor.


All Billet Brass Shop Hammer


Quality Tool.


Heavy Duty Sleeve Puller with 5 pound hammer with alum pullerhead shoe


Specify bore size.with alum puller head shoe


Indicator Bracket For Rimac Spring Tester


Indicator Bracket For Rimac Spring Tester.


Push Rod Length Checkers, 10",11",12", or 13"


Aluminum.  Sold separately. Specify length.


Economical Vinyl Grip Feeler Gauge Grips


Sold in pairs. Use your own feeler gauge.


Aluminum Adjustable Wrench, 10 inch


Two sizes available: 8" for fittings up to a 10an, 10" for fittings up to 20an

10" wrench $59.95


Steel Shock Spanner Wrench


Pneumatic Rod Vise


Very Handy.


Wheelie Bar Height Rule


Will measure up to 6 1/2" and fits a 15/16 nut.

Also available in 3/4" nut and 1" nut size.


Leak down calibration tester


This tool is used to calibrate your leak down tester. .80 pill is used in tool to determine reading. If guage reads 75 that is fine as long as it operates consistently every time.


LSM Billet Spring Changing Tool


Crank Hub Installer & Remover, Universal & Hemi


Comes in carrying case. Real quality. Made in USA

All engine applications in one kit.


LSM Torquing Valve Adjusting Wrench


7/16 nut 22 pounds torque setting


TDC Checker


Screws into 14mm  spark plug hole